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Unofficial LJ Community for: Moore College of Art+Design

Moore Girls
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Moore College of Art and Design is the nations only all-girls art school. Located in Center City Philadelphia, it is one of the top 10 Art schools in the country, offering BFAs in Fashion Design, 2D Fine Art, 3D Fine Art, General Fine Art & Art Education, Graphic Design, Illustration, Interior Design, Studio Art with Art History Emphasis, and Textile Design.

This community is by the students, for the students, and is in no way affiliated with the administration. It's a place for girls to bitch about the amount of homework and the crazy teachers. To vent about stresses of art and bad food. To ask for suggestions/comments on assignments. To praise yourself on a job well done in color class to a group of girls who know what that means.

If you're just looking for someone to commisserate on the whole all-girls art school experience, in all its facets, this is the place to find them.

This is independently student run.